The John Bradburne Memorial Door

Panels 13 - 16


Panel 13

Jesus is baptized


Uyu ndiye Mwana wanga wokondedwa, mwa Iyeyu ndikondwera


Mt 3:17

Jesus offers Himself as Bread and Wine


Tengani; thupi langa ndi ili…

 …Ici ndi mwazi wanga wa cipangano, wothiridwa cifukwa ca anthu ambiri


Mk 14:22, 24

Jesus dies on the Cross


Atate, m'manja mwanu ndipereka mzimu wanga


Lk 23:46

Panel 14

John comforts twins who are entrusted to him by their mother in the guerrilla camp after his abduction


Amayi, you will not see me again, but I will pray for you


3rd September, 1979

John is shot to death near a culvert


Come, sweet death, on Wednesday
If you will and if you may


We are they
Fled to fight another day
But why, why should fight we still
When all was fought and won on Friday Hill?


5th September, 1979

Three beams of light ascend from John's body and a large white bird hovers protectively overhead while the villagers flee in terror


Panel 15

John's funeral, in which his three wishes, expressed on his arrival in Africa, are fulfilled:


First to serve and live with lepers;
the second, to die a martyr;
the third, to be buried in the Franciscan habit


10th September, 1979

John is mourned and buried


John reminds us so much of Christ


Archbishop Patrick Chakaipa, at John's funeral


In giving we receive, forgiving we
Ourselves find pardon from the Lord of Love
And through our love for others comes the glee
Of being loved by One whose Persons Three
Are Father, Son and Holy Ghost above


12th September, 1979

The work at Mutemwa continues through John's intercession and the gift of his life


Love conquers all, naught else abides


1979 et seq.

Panel 16

Resurrection of Jesus


Anauka; sali pano; taonani, mbuto m'mene anaikamo Iye!


Mk 16:6

Jesus reveals Himself to the disciples at Emmaus


Ndipo maso ao anatseguka, ndipo anamzindikira Iye


Lk 24:31

Jesus sends the disciples into the World


M'dziko lapansi mudzakhala naco cibvuto, koma limbikani mtima; ndalilaka dziko lapansi Ine


Jn 16:33