John Bradburne - Prayers

Novena Prayer to
John Randal Bradburne

Dear John, you allowed your life to be guided by the Holy Spirit and by Mary your Queen and Mother, and with great generosity you searched unceasingly for God's will and love. In so doing you pleased Him.


We therefore ask a favour through your intercession, from the Most Holy Trinity - the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit for whom you laid down your life that...


... Not our will but His be done. Amen.


Our Father... Hail Mary... Glory be...

A Prayer for the Universal Recognition of the Servant of God
John Randal Bradburne

O Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we adore You profoundly. You chose John to be a witness of Your Love for the poor and unwanted. You inspired him with a knowledge and love of the true faith. You gave him a great understanding of the mystery of Your own life, as well as an extraordinary love for Mary, Your Mother, which gave him the desire to spread Your Love everywhere.


Knowing that if we ask the Father for anything in the name of His Son, Jesus, He will grant it, we humbly ask that John's virtuous life will be recognised and that he will be declared 'Blessed', by the present Holy Father, Pope Francis.


We also pray for a special favour through his prayer and the intercession of Mary our Mother that...


... And if that which I ask is not in conformity with God's Glory and the greater good of my soul, be pleased to grant me what will secure the attainment of both. Amen.


Our Father... Hail Mary... Glory be...

Another Prayer for the Beatification of
John Randal Bradburne (English)

God our Father, Your servant John Bradburne showed the power of Your Love by his life and death.


May his love of Christ and of Mary His Mother, together with his selfless service to those considered least in the world, be a model for us to follow.


We therefore ask for a favour through his intercession, so that his generosity and holiness may be recognised by the whole Church.


We ask this through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.


Our Father... Hail Mary... Glory be...

Pemphero la madalitso ndi chifundo cha Mulungu la
John Randal Bradburne (Chichewa)

Chauta Mulungu wathu, kapolo wanu John Randal Bradburne adaonetsa mphamvu ya chikondi chanu mmoyo wake pansi pano, ngakhaleso mu imfa yake.


Chikondi chake pa Yesu Khristu ndinso pa Mariya Amayi ake ndinso machitidwe ake pa anthu onse owoneka otsika ndinso opondeledzedwa, akhale chitsanzo kwa ife tonse omutsatira.


Choncho tikupempha zodabwitsa zake kudzera mu pemphero lake, kuti pakutero chikondi chake ndi kuyera kwake kuzindikirike mu mpingo wathu wonse.


Tikupempha zimenezi kudzera mwa Yesu Khristu ambuye athu. Amen.


Atate athu... Tikuoneni Mariya... Ulemu ukhale...

Novena Prayer for the Introduction of the Cause of
John Randal Bradburne

Heavenly Father, You led your humble servant, John Bradburne, along the various paths, guiding him to accept the faith taught by the Catholic Church, and finally through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, to devote the last ten years of his life to the care of the lepers at Mutemwa in Zimbabwe.


You rewarded his life-long search for God, by granting him his three wishes. You showed him your special Fatherly Love by granting him a deep understanding of the mystery of Your own divine life. You endowed him with an extraordinary love for Mary, the Mother of Your Son, Who gave Her to us as our Mother, at the foot of the Cross. Love for the Passion of Your Son was seen in his devotion to the Mass, and in his union with Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. His love for Mary was shown by the daily recitation of the Rosary, and in saying or singing Her Office.


We thank You for granting him these favours, and we humbly pray that one day he will be recognised for his virtuous life, and will be declared Venerable by the present Holy Father, Pope Francis.


John is an example of self-sacrificing love for the poor and unwanted. Zimbabwe needs a Saint to intercede for the needs of its people and for the salvation of the country.


We thank You, Heavenly Father, because it pleased You to grant him his wish to work with the lepers, a life which was crowned by granting him his second wish in choosing to die rather than to abandon them. His third request was granted after his death, through an incident which was understood to be the sign of Your own personal love for Your humble servant, and those he cared for.


O Mary Immaculate, hear our prayer and grant our petition. Amen.


Our Father... Hail Mary... Glory be...