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The Classical Tradition in Malawi

This page collects resources (texts and bibliographies) relating to the Classical tradition in Malawi. Links are provided where available.


Printed separately is the catalogue of books of Classical interest in the Ngwazi's library at Nguru-ya-Nawambe.

Part I - Texts

Two Classics dons at Kamuzu Academy (one current, one former) have written on the Classical tradition in Malawi in recent years.

Mr. Richard L. Hewitt


Mr. Richard L. Hewitt has taught the Greek and Latin Classics at Kamuzu Academy since 2004.

In 2011 he offered a paper on the Classical tradition in Malawi at the Biennial Conference of the Classical Association of South Africa at Rhodes University, Grahamstown.

The piece is less than current but it is reproduced here as delivered, in memory of a happy and congenial occasion.

It is hoped to bring it up to date and to publish in due course.


Prancing and Pranking and Proclaiming Caesar
Dr. H. Kamuzu Banda and the Classical Tradition in Malawi

MS 2011

Dr. Alexander Suebsaeng


Dr. Alexander Suebsaeng taught the Greek and Latin Classics at Kamuzu Academy from 2009 to 2011 before returning to the UK to qualify (in the high manner of the Ngwazi) as a medical doctor.

He has published on his time in Malawi. Most notably:


Homer in the Tropics

The New Criterion 2015 (Original)


An African Classicist Comes to Rome

The National Review 2014 (Original)


The Treasures of Banda's Palace

Think Africa Press 2011


His book-length work Goodbye, Dr. Banda is forthcoming (2020).

Part II(a) - Bibliography
Classics Dons at Kamuzu Academy

The following contains a selection of works (on any subject so long as they are published) by those who have taught in the Kamuzu Academy Classics Department.

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Part II(b) - Bibliography
The Classical Tradition in Malawi

The following contains a selection of works, i) of expressly classical interest, and ii) with a larger scope, which might be useful to set the Classical tradition in Malawi in context.


It consists currently in the bibliography for the 2011 CASA paper. It will be corrected, rationalised and brought up to date in due course.

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Part III - The Library at Nguru-ya-Nawambe

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A Catalogue Raisonné of the Books of Classical Interest in the Dr. H. Kamuzu Banda Memorial Library, Nguru-ya-Nawambe Palace, Mount Kasungu

MS 2011


R. L. Hewitt and A. C. Suebsaeng