Kamuzu Academy Drama Club
Cape Town - 2020

Memory Munthali

My name is Memory Munthali. I participated in the Shakespeare Schools Festival South Africa and played the courtesan in "The Comedy of Errors". My role was to charm everyone on and off stage which I like very much because I easily charm people. What I liked most about being in this play was the confused aspect of it; how everyone is so unaware of the fact that there are two Antipholuses and they all discover the truth later. Performing at The Fugard theatre was such an overwhelmingly fantastic experience and the crowd made us feel welcome with all their laughter and cheers. It made us successful in our performance. What I loved most about this experience is that it gave me and all my friends an insight to what life in the arts is. The theatre brought to life so many talents that made me see performing arts in a whole new perspective. It made me realise there is so much one can do in and out of theatre to embrace art, culture, and talent. The trip to South Africa was unforgettable and life-changing.