Kamuzu Academy Drama Club
Cape Town - 2020

Temwa Munthali
Dromio of Syracuse & Messenger

My name is Temwa Munthali. I played Dromio of Syracuse and the messenger in "The Comedy of Errors". We first performed at the Shakespeare Schools Festival held at Kamuzu Academy in Malawi and it was a great performance. When I heard that the play was being taken to international waters I knew that it had not only been a great performance it had been an astounding performance. Performing at the legendary Athol Fugard theatre with my peers and getting to spend a solid week with the same people was an amazing opportunity. Performing to no less than a full house was groundbreaking. I will never forget the memories that the Kamuzu Academy Drama Club has provided for me and I hope to be able to give it my all in all further performances.