Shakespeare Schools Festival - Malawi


From teachers...

Mr. Michael Masudi, headteacher of All Saints’ Mtunthama CDSS, writes (2018):


The school very much appreciates its participation of its Drama Club in Shakespeare Festivals since 2017. We are once again ready to take part this year.

In different ways the school has very much benefited:



Students are now very much able to mix and hold talks with people of different backgrounds.


Most of them are able to stand in front of audiences at the school assemblies without fear or shyness, but with full confidence. They can preach different religious sermons and present different speeches.


A good number of students can speak fluently, and without any hesitation on any subject they wish to present.


A lot of knowledge and critical thinking have been obtained in the plays. Students are now able to criticise any other literary works.


Students are able to compare the modern English with the Elizabethan English of the 1600’s.


Students are now able to come with their own plays and stage them, although with minimal skills, knowledge and expertise. This shows that students are enthusiastic about the art.


It has helped them tell what kind of dress was there during the Elizabethan era.


And a lot more are learnt since the last Festival under your guidance.

...and from Pupils

Members of the Drama Club write:


 SSF MW has helped me…


 … to interact with friends and to think analytically, and to know some words in Elizabethan English.

 Shyreen CHALIMBA (Form 3, Trebonius)

… to know Elizabethan English, interact with friends and how to converse with people.


… in reading different plays by William Shakespeare, like King Henry V, and to perform confidently.

Hastings CHISONI (Form 4, Mark Antony)

… to speak Elizabethan English, to make friendship with many students and to perform the plays of William Shakespeare.

Vanessa KALUKUSHA (Form 4, Portia)

… to interact with different friends and to speak English publicly.

Cosmas KAWAZA (Form 2, SSF MW I)

… to gain more skills: for instance, confidence. I have learnt how to speak in public.

Kondwani KUMILONDE (Form 2, Casca)

… to have a good way of interacting with friends and to gain confidence when acting.

David LIMBANI (Form 4, Curtain)

… to know many plays written by William Shakespeare, like Romeo & Juliet and The Tempest, and to act in public places.

Mercy MACHILI (Form 4, Cinna)

… in analytical thinking, public speaking and to perform plays palatably.

Lizzie MAKALANI (Form 3, Calpurnia)

… to gain confidence when performing and it helps me to have different friends.

Queen MANDA (Form 4, Messala)

… to act different plays and speak English like an Elizabethan.

Victoria MBULUMA (Form 1, A Plebeian)

… to gain confidence when acting and to engage in relationships with students from other schools.

Francis MPASUKA (Form 3, Decius)

… to know friends from different schools and that Julius Caesarwas written by William Shakespeare.

Mphatso MPASUKA (Form 3, Marullus)

… in public speaking by gaining confidence, and it has also helped me a lot in English speaking.

Victor MPASUKA (Form 3, Julius Caesar)

… to have different friends and to know the plays of William Shakespeare.

Oliver MPHEPO (Form 2, Lucius)

… to gain confidence so that I can stand and speak publicly. It has also helped me to perform plays and interact with different friends

Alexander MPISHI (Form 4 & Head Boy, Brutus)

… to gain confidence to speak to people. It has also helped me to make friends from different schools.

Onega MTENJE (Form 4, Music Director)

… to think analytically, with stage movement and to know students from different schools.

Memory MUGHOGHO (Form 2, A Soothsayer)

… in many ways, like: public speaking, good leadership and analytical thinking.

Luke MWALE (Form 4, Octavius Caesar)

… to gain confidence when speaking English and to read plays by William Shakespeare, like Macbeth.

Natasha NAZONJE (Form 2, A Plebeian)

… in analytical thinking, public speaking and to perform plays palatably.

Deborah NKHOMA (Form 3, Strato)

… in doing good stage movement when acting, making friendship with others and to gain confidence.

Promise NYEMBA (Form 2, Cassius)

… to have very good friends among the students and to know Elizabethan English.

Stella SAIDI (Form 3, SSF MW I)

… to know plays written by William Shakespeare, like Romeo & Juliet.

Stella SANTHE (Form 3, Popilius Lena)

… to know plays written by William Shakespeare and to know that he is one of the best play writers, and to perform plays.

Patience TWALIBU (Form 1, Flavius)

… to gain confidence skills and how I can act in front of an audience.

Anaclet WEMMAH (Form 3, Pindarus)

… to read different books of William Shakespeare and in analytical thinking.

Racheal YAGONTHA (Form 4, Costume)