Kamuzu Academy Law Department

Law Essay Prize

For the past three years Upper Sixth lawyers have been invited to produce, as an elective, extended essays on matters of Malawi legal interest. Primary research is encouraged. In 2020 the competition was extended to Lower Sixth lawyers as well. Prizemen are as follows:




Mr. Nicholas Katopola: An analysis of the annulment of the 2019 Malawi presidential election results, the impact on democracy, the role of the judiciary and its impartiality in annulling the election results

Miss Wezi Mughogho: Punishment vs. Rehabilitation. An Analysis of the Sentencing Principles in Malawi's Criminal Justice System


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Miss Samantha Kamanga: The Clash of Women's Rights and Tradition in Malawi: A Look at Defilement

Miss Mphatso Mwale: Criminal Law in Malawi: Does the Criminal Law in Malawi offer Sufficient Protection to People with Mental Challenges accused of committing Crime (Homicides)?

Miss Linda Noah: Human Trafficking in Malawi: An Evaluation on Its Impact and the Efforts being taken to eliminate it




Mr. Ramzan Kamoto: Capital Punishment: The Theory and Practice

Mr. Nashukuru Nkhono: Environmental Law in Malawi


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Mr. Ndiyembekeza Jamu: The Legal Aid Bureau in Malawi. A Study of the Legal Aid Bureau and its Role in Criminal and Civil Cases

Miss Tapiwa Liwimbi: An Analysis of Human Rights in Malawi with Emphasis on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Other (LGBT+) Rights




Miss Alinuswe Ngosi: Pluralism in Relation to Customary Law


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Mr. Pemphero Keffa: The Constitution of Malawi: its Various Constituents, and Whether it contains Elements of the English Legal System 

Mr. Khama Maere: The Malawian Parallel Court Structure: A Study in Customary Law


Law Prize

Recent winners of the Law Prize, which rewards overall ability and commitment to the study of Law, are:



Upper Sixth: Mr. Benjamin Chamgwera

Lower Sixth: Mr. Ronnie Kamkwasi



Upper Sixth: Mr. Ramzan Kamoto

Lower Sixth: Miss Wezi Mughogho



Upper Sixth: Mr. Khama Maere

Lower Sixth: Mr. Ramzan Kamoto