Shakespeare Schools Festival - Malawi

The Fourth Festival - 2020

It is proposed to conduct the Fourth Festival from Friday, 20th November to Sunday, 22nd November at Kamuzu Academy.


We are sensitive to the fact that, although November is still some months removed, the ongoing pandemic might have consequence for our plans.


We are actively considering alternative arrangements, if necessary, which will allow at least a 'virtual' Festival to happen. For example, we might travel to record plays in situ or invite video submissions.


To follow as the situation evolves!


Shakespeare Schools Festival - Malawi
31st May 2020

Emmanuel Sogolera (Kamuzu Academy Drama Club) represents Malawi with his own Chichewa version of 'All the world's a stage' as part of a 'lockdown' project (April 2020) of the South African Festival to collect versions of this speech in as many languages of the world as possible.